The Texas Duel

The Texas Duel

The Texas Duel 2019 is underway!

Entries for The Central Texas Duel are still open and some rooms are still available as well. The deadline to get the room rate at Horseshoe Bay is June 25th!



The Central Texas Duel: $600 per player

July 26th - July 28th

Horseshoe Bay: Horseshoe Bay, Tx

Apple Rock: 2 Man Shamble - 1 Ball

Slick Rock: 2 Man Low Ball

Ram Rock: 2 Man Shamble - 2 Ball

Players Discussion will be held after Round 1

* Entries will be limited to the first 72 teams that enter.

* Flighting will be done after Entries close.

* Entries will open February 1st.

* Room rates for Duelers and their families are $120 per night ($60.00 per man) in the resort tower for the nights of July 25th - July 27th. (This is a major discount from their normal resort room discounts, so a HUGE thank-you to Horseshoe Bay!) When you call to make reservations, make sure to tell them you are with The Texas Duel. The Deadline to receive this rate is June 25th!

Phone number for Reservations at Horseshoe Bay: 877-611-0112

Web Site For Reservations at Horseshoe Bay: Texas Duel Room Rate


The West Texas Duel:

May 17th - 19th: Event is complete.

Payout per flight: $5600.00 - Total Payout approximately $30,000.00

Teams invited to represent Team West Texas at The Texas Duel Cup:

AJ Pursley and Derek Pursley

Brandon Doremus and RT Mackie

Steven Brooks and Cody Cauley

Jackson Duncan and Reagon Noble

Craig Gutierrez and Monte Jenkins

Gene Conger and Zach Thomas


The Texas Duel Cup

August 2019

San Angelo Country Club: San Angelo, Tx

Round 1: 2 Man Shamble - Team Match Play

Round 2: Individual Match Play

The Teams that win their flights in the West and in the Central will be invited to compete for The Texas Duel Cup.

The Texas Duel Cup will be displayed in the winning teams area until it goes up for grabs in 2020.


In 2020 we will be adding a North Texas Duel and an East Texas Duel

In 2020 The Texas Duel Cup will be held in the Central area.




Play For Real!!

The Texas Duel reserves the right to refuse ANY entry....




Upcoming Events
The Central Texas Duel
July 26-28
The Central Texas Duel will be at Horseshoe Bay. Apple Rock, Ram Rock and Slick Rock
Latest Results
The Championship 2016
August 27-28
Championship (<6.0)
Reno. K (-4)
Chapman. S (-3)
Moore. J (-12)
Presidents (6.0-11.9)
Hood. B (-19)
Poss. D (-18)
Dusek. K (-17)
1st Flight (12.0-17.9)
Carrillo. M (-21)
Behrens. R (-16)
Vega. M (-15)
2nd Flight (18.0-23.9)
Grimmett. R (-16)
Castillo. J (-12)
Draper. D (-11)
3rd Flight (24.0-29.9)
Burchard. B (-3)
Floyd. J (-1)
Turnbo. S (-1)