The Texas Duel

The Texas Duel 2019 is underway!

Tomorrow we begin Dueling at Horseshoe Bay!

Schedule of events:

Friday: 2 man Shamble - 1 Ball - Apple Rock

Friday 6:30 PM - Players Discussion Caprock Pavillion

Saturday: 2 Man Low Ball - Slick Rock

Sunday: 2 Man Shamble - 2 Ball - Payouts in the Caprock Pavillion.

The West Texas Duel:

May 17th - 19th: Event is complete.

Payout per flight: $5600.00 - Total Payout approximately $30,000.00

Teams invited to represent Team West Texas at The Texas Duel Cup:

AJ Pursley and Derek Pursley

Brandon Doremus and RT Mackie

Steven Brooks and Cody Cauley

Jackson Duncan and Reagon Noble

Craig Gutierrez and Monte Jenkins

Gene Conger and Zach Thomas


In 2020 we will be adding a North Texas Duel and an East Texas Duel





Play For Real!!

The Texas Duel reserves the right to refuse ANY entry....




Latest Results
The Championship 2016
August 27-28
Championship (<6.0)
Reno. K (-4)
Chapman. S (-3)
Moore. J (-12)
Presidents (6.0-11.9)
Hood. B (-19)
Poss. D (-18)
Dusek. K (-17)
1st Flight (12.0-17.9)
Carrillo. M (-21)
Behrens. R (-16)
Vega. M (-15)
2nd Flight (18.0-23.9)
Grimmett. R (-16)
Castillo. J (-12)
Draper. D (-11)
3rd Flight (24.0-29.9)
Burchard. B (-3)
Floyd. J (-1)
Turnbo. S (-1)