The Texas Duel

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Would a team be able to enter the Championship Tournament in August if a spot was not filled at a qualifier?

Answer: No! You must enter a qualifier to be eligible to play in the Championships. We will not allow any team to enter the Championship.


Question: Do I have to play in all of the qualifiers to go to the Championships?

Answer: No, if your team is in the top 12 scores after the 4th Qualifier you are in.. 


Question: What is the fee for the Championship Tournament?

Answer: There is no fee for the Championship! If you qualify, then you are in! The only thing you have to do is show up in August and play in the Championships!


Question: If I don't qualify at one tournament, can I enter another tournament with a different partner?

Answer: Yes, you may enter another tournament with a different partner, if you are not in the top 12 after the tournament you played in with the first partner.


Question: Do I have to have an established GHIN handicap to play?

Answer: We prefer that you have a GHIN, but we are also content with a known playing ability. This is why we want to know your home course, this way we can verify your ability.