The Texas Duel

The Texas Duel Rules

* Each player that enters must have a verifiable handicap. This does not mean that you have to have a GHIN through the USGA.

* Teams will be pre-flighted according to the field that is signed up at each event and the committee will use a 6 difference in handicaps (i.e.--a 0 may play with whoever they like, their partner will be considered a 6 for flighting).  Keep in mind, handicaps are just a starting place for flighting.  Past records and known playing abilities will also play a factor in flighting.

* Every putt must be holed out. Any team/group caught of giving putts will be assessed a 1 stroke penalty

* Sandbagging will not be tolerated. Any team/player that misrepresents their playing ability/handicap may be disqualified. Any player/team disqualified will be banned from playing in any future Texas Duel/Duel events.

* Each Team will play from the tees set up for their flight. There will be no exceptions granted for tee locations for any player.

* A player/team may play in any area tournament. A player/team can only represent one area for the Cup. If a team wins two areas in their flight, the second place team in the second won tournament will receive the invitation.

* USGA rules will apply at all Texas Duel Tournaments.

* Local club rules will also apply and will be distributed prior to tee time.

* Each Tournament entries will close 1 week prior to the tournament date, or when the maximum number of entrants is met. Withdrawals before 1 week of tournament date will receive 90% of entry fee back. Withdrawals after that date will not receive a refund unless a replacement team takes their spot, in which case, they will also receive 90% of their entry fee.

* For the Shamble Formats: Each player may place the selected first shot 1 grip length no closer to the hole (if the selected first shot is in the sand, both players may rake and place.). After the first shot both players must play the ball down through the green. 

* For the Low Ball Format: Each player must play the ball down.

* We reserve the right to change a teams flighting.

* Weather rule: 9 holes completed in a round will constitute a finished round in the flight.

* The Texas Duel is not responsible/liable for any injuries that occur during any Texas Duel event.